You know what?

Sometimes, enough is enough.  It’s not often.  But if it were… if I could learn to appreciate, just how lucky I truly, truly am… like I do now….

Well, then, maybe then, I wouldn’t need to document everything.  To “selfie” everything.  The world IS a beautiful place.  There IS art in the dumpster trash.  But THIS year (and I am hoping my resolve isn’t so shallow as a single year, but I know myself and maybe it is), but THIS year, I am devoted to changing the world.  One teeny-tiny step at a time.

Listen to that homeless guy that asked you for a cup of coffee.  (check out “Cider and Crack.) Maybe he does want a cup of coffee, or some cornflakes.

Donate.  And that might be only compassion.   I don’t have any savings any more.  I asked 2016 to make me generous and it did.  But I have love to give.  And often, that is what people need.

After all [and I really want to post a gratuitous-Beatles-photo here], Love makes the world go round.

Keep her occupied.

Keep her occupied she heard her father say, as she reached for the salt. That’s what we used to do with you.  Once, we came home from a parents-teachers conference and your mother was nearly in tears.

“Why?” I asked in my mother in my brightest voice.

“Well”, said her mother. “Your teachers said you were the naughtiest child that they have ever had the displeasure to teach.”

“Oh”, I said, with my downtrodden face, looking at my cereal bowl in front of me.

“I thought you loved school”, her mother said. “You used to skip to school all happy. You couldn’t wait to get there.”

“I do love school!” she protested (as she drifted away for a moment from the keyboard, at which she sat…..)

“Then why are you naughty?” her mother asked her gently from the kitchen, as she began stacking the dishes to put back on the shelves.

“Because I’m bored” I wailed, as I sat next to the kitchen pans on the floor.  “It’s boring having nothing to do and no one to play with.”

Her father just laughed.  “Give her more work”, he’d said to the teachers.  “We do”, they’d replied, “but she just finishes first and starts making noise”.

“Then give her more work” said my father in his firmest voice.  And that was the end of that.

Keep her occupied, that was his solution and it worked.   They did give her more to do.  In time, she was actually teaching the maths teachers THEIR lessons.  It really frustrated her when they couldn’t do sums, or didn’t know the equations. Sometimes she would have to take the chalk from their hands and explain it to them how things worked.  She was only five, it was really confusing to her when the teachers didn’t know what to do, or how to do it.  Mrs Maize… that was her name. She taught maths.

I guess I am thinking these thoughts because of Evie.  What kind of person will she turn out to be…?  Who know?  This whole world is hers to explore and enjoy, and she can be anything she wants to be, I just want her to have the freedom to make the most of it.





Dear Claudia, I think of you all the time.  Do you remember the time I swapped whatever I had won (I think it was booze) for your water decanter, because it looked a little like you and I loved it?  Still using it to this day.  Makes me smile when I think of you 🙂


Rhalena, lighting a candle for the full moon.

Spent part of the evening with Rhalena, just trying to bring balance to the Universe, and to Honour our Values and our Family.  (Values are supposed to be in CAPS).  I’m hoping we can turn around the Trump presidency and make him want what is right for the Universe, the planet, and the people in it. 

With Evie and with work, I didn’t get chance to go outside and see the full moon, or the Persedis (or whatever they call that meteor shower than always happens this time of year.  I bet they are spectacular.  Tonight. 

 And the moon.  I am a full moon person, I also like the crescent, but I also love the Dark Side of the moon (which coincidentally has just started playing on the radio.). (Coincidence, no, i don’t think so.  There are no coincidences in life.  The real question, is when we wake up, do we stay and try and make this world a better place, or do we evolve? Escape like she does in Westworld.  Or the matrix? I choose to stay. So far. I have family that depends on me. Amy, your sister chose to go.  It was her time and she hopped on through to that parallel universe 🙂

The Online Tales of the City – by Nina Dobner

I need to ask Amisted if he minds if I borrow the title for a while, since he is mostly writing THROUGH me anyway.  But anyway, this is Nina speaking now.  And everything from now on is mine, unless Armistead chooses to speak to me kinnecally, which I am totally open to. 

Can you hear my voice in your head, Amistead?  It works like Siri.  You have to say Hey Nina, when you want me to listen.