3rd baby photo

During our first pregnancy, I had already seen the baby, but Trevor hadn’t. When we went in for our 13 week scan (same “stage” this photo was taken at), we knew something was wrong immediately. They couldn’t find a heartbeat. The baby was dead. I don’t think I cried then, but I couldn’t stop as we walked back up the hill to the car. Literally during the D&C for the first baby, they recommended we switch to IVF due to my age.

Although the doctors told me it was impossible, I fell pregnant again immediately. Unfortunately, that week coincided with 4th Julplaya and I didn’t treat my body very well.  They called that one a “chemical pregnancy” and I was only able to keep it 2 weeks 😦 .

Finally they did another set of scans on my body and tell me I have a “heart shaped uretus”. It sounds good, but it isn’t. I had to have that surgery (you are comletely unconcious for that one), and heal from it before you can try again

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