Half baked

Nearly 20 weeks. 5 months preggers 🙂 . It is so awesome. I can feel her move and kick now! I couldn’t wait to put this picture on facebook, which I do as soon as we get home. (We are camping on East Lake Reservoir with Anton and Fedi.)

This is one of a couple of T-shirts I have bought myself. It feels sort of bad luck to be buying things before she is born, I have completely resisted buying anything for the baby yet – but I have bought a few tshirts and pair of leggings for me (both pictured here). My tummy is starting to push out of all my other T-shrts. I think I will be able to wear my jeans for a couple more months yet. Mikol bought me 2 huge bags of community prego clothes, so I don’t think I will have to splash out money through the rest of the pregnancy.

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