September 14th. It’s the day of the D&E, which is totally painless – although they tactlessly only have one book in the waiting room – and it is about a weird Indian called Mustard and how he has his multiple children. I sit in my hospital gown and Trevor reads it aloud to me until they come and get me. I am calm as they put me out although I know I start to cry. The op is completely painless. I am out for the whole thing, but I wake up screaming. It is 20 mins before I can be transferred to the right place to see T. I am calm by then. He takes me home and puts me to bed. View from my bed (where I spend a lot of time!)

I think from this point on, I vastly underestimated what the emotional and physical toll would be.  I think I thought the D&E would be like the D&C I had the first time.  Boy, was I wrong!

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