Bleeding :(

Okay, I am kind of assuming by now that I am keeping this record for anyone else that goes through this – since my rocks of support are women that did something similar. These are called Methylergometrine. This is the piece I didn’t understand – and why it is only now (2 weeks after the operation) that it is more painful. I looked up the drug online. I have been trying to take as few of the pills as possible and they said only to take these ones if I bled a lot (which I didn’t), so I didn’t take them until yesterday’s fiasco when I did take one. The important part of the info seems to be this “It is most commonly used to prevent or control excessive bleeding following childbirth and spontaneous or elective abortion, but also to aid in expulsion of retained products of conception after a miscarriage in which all or part of the fetus remains in the uterus) and to help deliver the placenta after childbirth.” Since this pregnancy was so far along, it is actually known as a stillbirth not a miscarriage. (Can you believe they CLASS these things?)  A lot of people choose to go through labour and have the child named, christened, photographed, casts made of hands and feet and buried. In fact when I researched it, it looked like MOST people choose this option. I thought it was unnaturally morbid.

So I guess these drugs can either speed things up or slow them down? Awesome. It hurts a lot though. A LOT. Cramps are pretty bad. Or maybe it is just that I am so sad it seems worse? My boobs are still on fire, and I can’t get through frozen packs quick enough – and of course this is the week SF chooses to be 90 degrees. I can appreciate the irony, if not quite see the funny side today. Dear god I hope my sense of humour comes back tomorrow. I am going in to work for an hour or so (against doc’s orders, and mostly only because Chris Trottier has offered to pick me up and drop me back home!)

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