Blue Angels

10/6 I went to a dinner party at at Miranda’s on Saturday night and then Molly & Gareth’s leaving party. I don’t have enough energy to get to the Wedding reception I was also planning – it didn’t start until 11.30pm.  I think this was the last day I was still in denial that I wasn’t just bouncing back as “normal” after losing my babies.

Although I didn’t drink, I stayed at the party until late, and woke early. Some of my friends were still hungover so we almost didn’t make the blue angels on Sunday! Luckily, Belinda and Keith completely rallied and came and picked me up. It was so amazing! Poor Keith though, I don’t think he knew what he had let himself in for with the parking situation. He dropped me a Bee off just a couple of blocks away, so I didn’t have to walk very far as I can’t stand up straight and walk like a crippled old lady.

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