Boo boo

I got out of bed in the middle of the night one night looking for Trevor and tripped on the stool and got a couple of carpet burn boo boos. It is a small scar and i know it won’t last, but now people look at me like I am a moron!! Or just special ed!!

I flew to LA this week (stupid over-doing-it me) to get my global traveler permit. It is kind of a shame that the photo of me on that card is going to immortalize this scar! Meh, whatever, it will just remind me of a time in my life.

It is very encouraging though that I have 2 frozen gel packs and half a head of cabbage taped to my boobs with an ace bandage, I have to go through the full body search machine, and nothing tips their radar!  Protect and serve gents!  You do know that semtex is a gel?  (Just as well you stole my 2 cans of Heinz baked beans last month.  Protecting the security of the nation!)

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