Green Hell (c) Trevor Somers

You have to drink the “green hell” because:a) it is good for you, b) it is delicious (a whole head of parsley, a whole spinach, one lemon, maybe some apple/onion/garlic if you fancy!) and c)- it makes you poo (jesus christ, please. I am not even taking one painkiller a day!). This was 9/26 10 days after the operation. I also made the mistake of walking to work and back (a 2-mile round trip). It totally did me in. We also had ticket to see Amanda Palmer at the Filmore. Although we went, we left before the encore and I woke up bleeding a lot the next day.

Back to juice, the stupid thing is I remember a friend of mine trying to make me a juice when I visited her in New York because they were all into it and I said I didn’t want one. Now I am a believer! (Steve Olson got Trevor into juicing – so funny that one of these woo-woo things came to me through Trevor. He actually called me on the phone to tell me how amazing the juice was and how we should get a juicer. I was wedding dress shopping with a friend. I thought he was high!)

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