Saturday 9/22, just over a week afterwards.

On the bike, thinking I could be invincible. What a numpty! My boobs are still extremely painful and very hot. It is 90 degrees where we are going, and I thought I might enjoy the ride (!)

We had to stop twice. Once for me to take my jacket lining out and the second time in a parking lot of Vons (or something like that)., Where I stood around in my sports bra sobbing loudly and uncontrollably while Trevor tried to stuff ice cubes down my bandages.

My favourite part of the day is when we got to the house for Trevor to buy the truck and I curled up under their sprinkler with the frozen peas down my t-shirt and their dog kept licking my face. Trevor was playing it off like it was pretty normal. “Yeah, my wife doesn’t feel too well… I forget how hot it is down here…” šŸ™‚

I know anyone reading this thinks I am a weirdo for keeping memories like these, but hey they are our lives. And they really make me laugh!

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