Heart of Glass

The internets and a midwife friend of mine told me that the pain in my chest is likely caused by anemia, brought on by iron-deficiency due blood loss during D&C, hemorrhaging, and by not eating meat.

The doctor told me it is likely to be chronic heartburn or indigestion caused by the antibiotics I reacted to.

I have joking referred to it once in this blog as maybe just a broken heart

But I just saw this quote on a friend’s Facebook page:

Pain under the ribs? Under the heart? The struggle between it and the brain to gain the upper hand. The brain trying continuously to rationalize, to mend, to save the situation. The pain crowing and tearing like a bird of pray… – from the movie W.E.

(BTW, the necklace was a gift from my dad.  I love it, it reminds me of the Richard Gere movie: Breathless.)

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