Don’t shake me, I might rattle!

TO BE CLEAR, I AM NOT TAKING ALL OF THESE!!  (They are just laid out for the photo.) 

Okay, so you have to remember that 4 weeks ago, I hadn’t been to see a doctor in years, hadn’t taken an antibiotic since I moved to America, and considered myself pretty fit and healthy.

In trying to recover from the D&E and the complications following it, I am now trying a range of natural remedies.  I have spoken to both a  gynecologist and my GP and they both agreed this was a good and healthy list!

In morning:

GABA (recommended by my acupuncturist, natural mood enhancer)

Probiotic (recommended by my gynecologist with the antibiotic).  They inhibit or destroy toxins released by certain “bad” bacteria )

Herbal Fertility Enhancer (recommended by my gynecologist)

Biotin (B vitamin recommended by my GP)


Once  a day, a fresh-pressed juice of mostly green vegetables (good for depression, constipation, folic acid and iron-deficiency), with the occasional high-sugar veg (beets/carrots) to help with exhaustion.


Liquid Iron supplement 10ml 2 times a day (recommended by a midwife friend of mine and both doctors to combat anemia)

Follic Acid 4x/day (obvious that one!  The gynecologist said there is no point taking one massive dose as the body can’t absorb it.)

before bed:

Magnolia Extract (my gyno nurse recommended this)

Calming tea (if I remember to make one!)

Melatonin (both my GP and my gyno recommended this to resest body’s biorhythms for bed.  Often used for jetlag.  Only take when needed)

No caffeine except for one “cheating” cup of Tetley (black) tea, and the occasional “cheating”  bar of chocolate. Very limited alcohol, like a glass of red wine and some (DELCIOUS) liquor-filled chocolates!

This already seems like A LOT to me (but I am happy it replaces the vicodin, ambien, valium cocktail the doctors gave me!)  I probably won’t add anything else, but other things I have been recommended and both doctors agreed could be beneficial:

Siberian ginseng, 5HTP, Budwig Protocol  cancer-curing blend of Flax-seed oil and cottage cheese (also great for fatigue), Valerean (Plant-based anti-anxiety med – don’t use this if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.  I read the label on it and decided I didn’t want to add it into the mix.  My hippie gynecologist (that I love) says this is too strong for her. I might consider using it in place of Ambien when I fly.  (Starting to read some very bad things about Ambien!)  Flax seeds, or even better, Chia seeds for Omega 3s (especially important in cold season).

One other thing I have noticed… I LOVE salt.  It is almost impossible to serve me anything with too much salt (that is like “too much butter”.  That sentence is oxymoronic!)  But just recently, I have been sensitive to salt added to my food.  Is it possible that my body is finally learning to tell me not to do things that are bad for it?

I going to have to stop with the food/nutrients talk soon! Trevor already thinks I am a nut job because I think he is shortening his lifespan by eating too many McDonalds or crappy tinned foods.  He doesn’t believe that better food, getting more sleep and looking after your body leads to a better  and longer life – so I had better stop banging on about it.

I need to be more like my friend, Dawn, and only offer advice if actually asked.  (THANK YOU DAWN, for all your advice!!)  Maybe I am trying to learn right now, you can’t “fix” someone else.  Maybe my idea of fix is just totally wrong. Trevor’s idea of fix is probably “have as much fun as you can it the moments you have”. Neither of us is right.  Neither of us is wrong.

1 thought on “Don’t shake me, I might rattle!

  1. One thing about Valerian — it can affect different people in different ways. I have weird reactions to things that are supposed to calm most people down, like Valerian. When I tried it, I felt wired and jittery. YMMV.

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