I’m busy running around this weekend, so some of these posts are coming out of order.  When I went to yoga on Wednesday, they asked us what we are thankful I started crying.  (Luckily it was during savasana and nobody noticed.)  I am so grateful for my friends and family (especially my two beautiful nieces).  I am thankful I was born in a first-world country, and that I now live in another.  And on Thanksgiving day itself, I was thankful for bourbon pecan pie, with maple vanilla whipped cream.

I got this recipe from the interewebs.  It was a no “high fructose corn syrup” version. I substituted the tablespoon of milk for a teaspoon of cream and 2 tablespoon of bourbon. It worked about really well. (Voted best of all 3 pies by Rex.  That’s good enough for me.)

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