You know what?

Sometimes, enough is enough.  It’s not often.  But if it were… if I could learn to appreciate, just how lucky I truly, truly am… like I do now….

Well, then, maybe then, I wouldn’t need to document everything.  To “selfie” everything.  The world IS a beautiful place.  There IS art in the dumpster trash.  But THIS year (and I am hoping my resolve isn’t so shallow as a single year, but I know myself and maybe it is), but THIS year, I am devoted to changing the world.  One teeny-tiny step at a time.

Listen to that homeless guy that asked you for a cup of coffee.  (check out “Cider and Crack”.) Maybe he does want a cup of coffee, or some cornflakes.

Donate.  And that might be only compassion.  I asked 2016 to make me generous and it did.  I know (looking back) that 2017 was a mixed bag.  I donated to a bunch of things, and I started a Charitable foundation, but I got lost again.  But often, I have love to give….  And often, that is what people need.

After all [and I really want to post a gratuitous-Beatles-photo here], Love makes the world go round.

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