Flawmingos of Attraction

I had heard that sometimes, at sunset, flamingos fly over the burnt-yellow huts at the inaptly-named Red Slave huts on Bonaire. I really, really wanted to try and see that. Trevor and Paul didn’t think we’d stand a chance, but I insisted. It would be a beautiful place to watch the sun go down and we DEFINITELY weren’t going to see them, if we weren’t there. We packed a picnic, corralled Evie into the truck and took off.

It happened after we had finished our tailgate picnic. The sun had set and I was holding Evie (not a camera). As we turned to go, three bright red-pink flamingos flew directly overhead. They were flying from land, not from the ocean (as I had expected them to) and they headed straight out to sea. Who knows where they were heading, but I do know it made my day. I was so happy, I was literally jumping for joy, which got Evie all excited and we bounced our way home clapping our hands.

I like to think I willed it to happen 🙂

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