The acupuncturist (and the doctor, actually) said I am suffering from exhaustion and I must get some rest.  My hands tremble sometimes and I stumble when I walk.  He gave me homework: “read a book”, or “listen to some music”.  He wants me to work on the computer less (I basically have been sitting at it all day), and to try and zone out a bit.  He recommended taking Gaba, which is a natural mood relaxant.

My doctor has been recommending I get acupuncture, but I haven’t felt well enough to walk anywhere.  Today Trevor drove me to an appointment.  The acupuncturist and I talked for a long time, and when he said he was going to leave me alone, I managed to say “I’m not great at being alone right now”, before I started crying.  He asked me why crying was bad, and I could only tell him “I am afraid if I start crying, I might not be able to stop”.

When I managed to calm myself, I said “let’s give that one more try”.  It is actually really cool.  He gives you a buzzer in case you need him. (I scared the shit out of one of the acupuncturists at Zynga when I got impatient, pulled the needles out myself and put them in her sharps container and left without seeing her on the way out.) Apparently acupuncture can really help with IVF and fertility.  Our medical doctor recommended it so I had been going regularly until Zynga cancelled it.  Just add that the many thing I USED to do to take care of myself.

On the way out, I bumped into Elana, who is fostering an 8-week old pup called Maxie.  I told Trevor that the acupuncturist thought I should have a puppy for a few weeks so I could nurture something and that we were taking her home! He definitely thought that was a bit odd  but I think he would have rolled with it – LOL  🙂 .

The acupuncturist also said I might consider eating meat (which I said I didn’t want to do).  They he said AT LEAST get some fish bones and grind them up and put them in a stew (ewwww!  Nasty!)  I suggested sardines and he said that would be good, too.  PHEW!   (Sardines are a great source of calcium – which he was going with the fish bones, I assume.)

Also Alton Brown lost weight eating Sardine and Avocado sandwiches, supposedly.  YUM YUM!  Trevor is making one for my lunch.  I suspect given that I am slumped on the sofa and my sammie is covered in mayo and other DELICIOUS stuff, I will not be losing any weight.  Oh well, fuck it.  Deal with that another time.  Hopefully I will be nice and fat with a baby again this year.

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