Narrative Conference

I did decide to host the conference after all. There were people flying in for it and I didn’t want to let them down. (A colleague had done all the work putting the agenda together and another had helped with all of the hotel arrangements.)  I went to the opening dinner last night and just did the introductions and welcoming speech and then I went home. I was there less than an hour. Today I am likely to be here all day. My boobs are on fire and I know I should really be resting, but I think ultimately I will be happy that I did that. I think it is incredibly valuable for the company.

Just joking, but I can also feel myself getting smarter just drinking the “Brain Toniq” . It is supposed to be all natural. it says “no caffeine, no processed sugar, no fake anything. Just pure herbs, etc.” it has Choline in it (whatever that is – one of the conference attendees is very excited about it!)

I can’t believe it, though, I actually just cancelled my reservation for an all-expensed dinner at Gary Danko tonight. It went against every grain of my being – LOL – but I am tired!

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