When I saw the doctor this morning, she told me off for not taking the probiotics she had recommended. I wasn’t really paying attention last week and when she gave me the antibiotic she told me to get a probiotic to go with it. I didn’t know what a “probiotic” was, and I couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy “one more thing” to take, just assuming it was another pill. I also didn’t feel well enough to go and get the natural yoghurt Trevor suggested so I didn’t take that either. The antibiotic FLOORED me. This is where I go on my rant about antibiotics.

They are so bad for you. They totally and utterly fuck with your body. You don’t need them. A friend of mine is unwell right now because they handed them out to her for a UTI! I cannot believe they still hand them out for things like that. You can do this all yourself. You need lots of Cranberry juice, natural yoghurt will help too. Eat as much of it as possible. The antibiotics will make you sick. Antibiotics are a bad, bad thing and shouldn’t be in our bodies.

Trevor said the last time he took them it made him physically sick for a month, my mum said the same thing. The only reason I agreed to take them this time was the nurse said she thought I might be hemorrhaging and there was real risk of infection. The symptoms I am having now are much worse than anything they were trying to prevent.

Now, if you have started a “course” of antibiotics, (they are normally 3, 5 or 7 day) they say you should finish the course since you are already going to be feeling like shit from the antibiotic but you might as well make sure that you have killed the UTI. I suppose I agree with this, so go ahead and finish it. But get some probiotics into your system too (I only just found out you can take it as a pill, or the kombucha tea?) but as I say, I used to use natural yoghurt and cranberry juice. Now you need to replace all those good enzymes the antibiotic just destroyed.

And in the future, never ever say yes to antibiotics unless you are at death’s door, and certainly not for an UTI. They make you feel like shit. You can get rid of it yourself, with probiotics. I promise you. I have done it several times. I haven’t taken antibiotics in probably 10 years, and I probably never will again for the rest of my life.  I feel the same way about flu shots.  Don’t get me started on them!

Anyway, I think that is enough ranting for one morning. The doctor also recommended I get high. That should be interesting. I haven’t really smoked a lot of pot since England – when we occasionally used to have the Indian delivery guy to bring it over. An English friend just reminded me today of a time when we got the poor young guy so stoned he fell asleep in the corner and eventually they sent another driver out looking for him! LOL.  There was also a time when I was traveling around India as a student in India for a few month…. I had a bang lassi with a friend and went camel riding for the day. We were so stoned I thought I was in a Dali painting!  I need to reconnect with my stoner youth, apparently!

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