I gave myself frostbite! Oops – it CLEARLY says on here not to apply them directly to your skin! So that is what those blisters were! You know, we called the doctors to actually ask what the blisters were. Could I be having a reaction to the cabbage leaves? No DIPSHIT! Don’t put those ice packs directly on your boobs, even if they still feel like you can fry an egg on them.

Incidentally, I had 2 of these strapped to my boobs and my boobs taped with the cabbage leaves when I flew to LA for the day.  Should we be at all concerned that I passed through the full body scanner at both SFO and LAX without any issues at all.   Should we even consider that Semtex is a gel?  Good one guys, protecting this great nation! (They still confiscated my Heinz baked beans from my carry on 😦 . )

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