Strapped boobies, before they got ginormous and before the milk came in. These days we pack them every single day with cabbage and ice and they are so painful. The doctor recommended drinking sage tea, so I do that too! (Sage tea and cabbage, really? And this is the Western doctor recommending this!) I do WHATEVER is possible to make them stop swelling and the milk go away sooner. I still cannot believe that in this day and age the doctors still recommend cabbage to shorten the period of your impactation and milk coming in!! They give you a printed hand-out on it!

Sometimes I wake up and they are squirting boiling hot milk into the air. I prefer the evil super hero name “milk mistress”, but Trevor prefers “milk maid”

4 thoughts on “Boobs

  1. I took pictures of mine too. Cabbage and sage tincture in water. I also did massage. My doctor said it was unlikely that my milk would come in at 17 weeks- but it did 😦 it hurt was hot and uncomfortalbe- my breast are genreally small but were the largest they have ever been.

    • I am so sorry we shared this experience. Yeah, I have a few pix without the bra on – they look like 2 beach balls! How are you doing now?

  2. now I am doing ok. My breast I down but they are not the same breasts i had before. My body is not the same. I poped out right away and my breast got really big. sad 😦

    • Yeah. It sucks. Now I have saggy mum boobs, postpartum depression AND no baby! You just have to try and laugh! Did you are the joke picture I posted of boobs?
      Ps – this will make is stronger, even if not physically hotter!

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