Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum?

This was sent to me by Jack…. It is a giant red ball, in my seat. With a rum flask., I guess that kinda represents me? 🙂

I will never ever in my whole life forget Chris and Mags teaching me what real friends are and ignoring my requests for them to not help and just being there creating an assembly line to fill the flasks for the team party before I even got into the office that day!.

This was the Wednesday. The day of the first dilation. definitely the most painful day of my life (including all motorbike mishaps and broken bones!) I cried on the table at the doctor’s office and they had to give me a valium. They gave me valium and vicodin to take home. For some reason I thought the valium worked better and didn’t take the vicodin. It is only 2 weeks later I am wondering if it was because it was also mental pain.

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