Ironic bras :)


It is ironic that the only bra I can wear right now is one that is a sports bra (that I wear when working out to be fit and healthy). I can’t go without one as I have nowhere to stuff my ice pack!! I just ordered 2 supersoft wireless bras online (yes, Amazon Prime, I love you!). Funnily enough, when my mum had a reaction to her antibiotic, she had the same chest pains and I remember her talking about having to buy soft bras. Ahhh, if only there was an M&S nearby. That is where mum got all of hers.

Also ironic is that Trevor put the laundry in for me today specifically because I needed these bras. When I unloaded it to swap it into tumble dryer – they are the only thing that shouldn’t be tumble-dried. I will still have to wait to put them on – ice pack is just lying on my chest right now. It is 1pm and I still have my PJs on.

I remember a friend comforting me on one of the miscarriages. She said she wished she had taken some time off work to let her body try and take care of things by itself. I thought at the time she was being a bit of a hippy freak, but now I think I understand and agree. I wish I could go back 5 years ago and just slowed down – just a tiny bit.

I think I am turning a corner. I have found a reason to shower every day. (You wouldn’t believe how much I dread it – it all seems so much work.) But one day I shower because Jen is coming to give me a massage and I don’t want to smell, the next day I shower because a friend is coming over to drop off dinner and also because I want to put on the necklace Peggy gave me (in case it really does have healing powers) and I don’t want to get it dirty! My life is hard, huh? These are the things I have to shower for 😉

You know, I used to go to yoga 3 times a week, and somehow I stopped that. I used to love just monging out and listening to music, but Trevor doesn’t like it and we haven’t made enough time to be apart so I haven’t done it in years. (I have Lana De Rey on REPEAT right!) I think I used to do a lot of things that gave me a bit of time to unwind – but somehow I stopped doing all of them. I became “too busy” for yoga, massage,listening to music, etc. And filled my hours up with crossfit and working… Why am I only realizing now, 10 years later, that people need a bit of downtime?

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