Spiritual Awakening?

My friend Kelly sent me a bunch of gifts that were all so incredibly thoughtful. The jade came with instructions about it’s healing properties and to keep in near you, so I put it on my keys.

It reminded me of a few years ago when we rode to Tierre del Fuego, a production designer gave me a silver angel that she said would protect me on my travels. I just figured “Sure, why not?” and put in on my motorcycle jacket. That angel has been to the tip of south america and back! The things she must have protected me from! Those photos are here, and there is a blog about that somewhere. Wow, things really turn full circle. (That angel is still on my motorcycle jacket to this day! I feel like I have never really thanked her properly for that.  Thank you, Cherie!)

I think I am having a spiritual awakening. That is what the call it. And now everybody is going to think I am a weirdo. From a nervous breakdown to a spiritual awakening? Wow – how clichéd is that? (Incidentally, see this TED talk, where the speaker talks about telling her therapist she is having a “breakdown”, and her therapist replying that she is having “a spiritual awakening”?  It took me 2 full days to make this realization, and a therapist could have told me that in 5 seconds?)

Kelly’s package is so thoughtful, There are bath salts. I used to love taking a bath and yet I haven’t taken a long hot bath in years. This will make me. There are also calming candles and joss sticks. It is so weird, but when I was at Oxford, I always had candles and joss sticks around me. People made jokes about how many candles there were. Just one more thing I have forgotten!

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening?

  1. Wow Nins, aside from your writing skills, your photography skills are holding their own. Either that or you’ve out-smarted Ingstram or whatever program you used to create such a lovely image. Doesn’t surprise me….you are so talented in so many ways, with so many gifts & whatever you touch is with Nina magic:) We’re all weirdos in our own little ways – takes one to know one:) But your spiritual awakening is a gift….sometimes these gifts come in mysterious ways or with unfortunate circumstances. Maybe “gift” is not the best description & maybe the hippie I may have been spaded as can’t come up with a better term:) Regardless, I am so proud of you & forever impressed at the person you are…you NEVER cease to amaze me. I cannot express how much my heart goes to you over your loss, but I’m excited to see what else unfolds for you now & also the sureness I feel that you will continue to discover what comes from it all. I can exercise the use of the term “gift” in that you are one to the world & everyone that is lucky enough to have you in their life…I’m so happy to know you. We all need reminders to indulge in the simple ways to treat ourselves, like baths & candles. Hot damn, maybe tonight I will take a bath! I love you!

    Kelly L

  2. Awww Kells, Thank you. I miss you, but I know we will see each other soon. Your bath salts have already provided me with 2 baths (when I cried too much to get in the shower). I’m coming through it, I can feel it already. Brrr, it’s a long, dark tunnel, but yes, it makes you blink and appreciate the light 🙂 Yes, I believe it is a gift. In a year’s time, I will know what a gift I have received. I will be a better person because of this. Maybe only then will I be able to be glad it has happened 🙂 Thank you again for your package. I learnt even more about you, dear friend 🙂 x

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