Mail order food

Did you know that you can get soup delivered to your door? For free, it is free delivery. I ordered a bunch of hearty potato bacon soups for Trevor). The only thing is that with some sites, is you have to spend more than $25 so you have to have enough room to store them, and you have to have the energy to break down the boxes.) I don’t actually eat a lot of this stuff (well definitely not this one, since it has bacon in), but it is really good to have around the house if you just need a quick comforting meal

The only thing I can’t think you can get online are cash (I have been out of cash for a couple of weeks) and live things (like probiotics). I haven’t set it up again yet, but I need to start my delivery organic box again, if I am going to be spending a little time at home. I got trash bags from Amazon Prime today 🙂 .

The only bad thing with home delivery is that is create a little bit of work breaking down the boxes and there is a lot more recycling. I feel a bit bad about that, but most of the boxes and packing materials are recycled these days. I don’t really think Trevor likes this strategy as it is him that has to take the recycling out these days!

When returning from a business trip, I have been know to order coffee and milk from Amazon so I can have coffee the next day!!  Oh Amazon Prime, will you marry me?

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