Not well rested


It is 10/11. The bleeding has almost stopped, and so has my milk. My boobs are still pretty hot but I don’t have an ice pack in my bra 27/7 now (just a couple of times a day). I have realized I am tired, though. I haven’t been sleeping very well.

At this point in time I will try anything to try and get some peace. I have even decided not to have caffeine for a few days. (I haven’t had a coffee in more than a week, but this morning I considered making one and decided to skip it and have a herbal tea instead – not exactly the same thing. I bought some decaf coffee – yes, it ships free on Amazon Prime.

I am so exhausted that it is all I can do to refill the soda siphon when my sparkling water runs out. (I am not drinking any alcohol and even showering seems an unbearable chore.)

It would make sense if this pain in my chest is not heartburn/indigestion caused by the antibiotic but it actually a broken heart. Although I know this will pass, I feel like I will never be happy again!

I have cried a couple of times through this, but I am afraid if I start crying, I might never stop.

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