Peggy Li

The generosity just keeps on coming. I daren’t even post it to Facebook because I think I need to give my friends and Facebook a bit of a rest. Peggy sent me this and a note that made me cry. Don’t miss Peggy’s amazing jewelry. I have been wearing her stuff for more than 10 years now!

UPDATE: it didn’t occur to me until almost a week later that Peggy chose this to send me NOT because I had “liked” it on her facebook page (which I had), but because of the healing properties of turquoise. I have never believed in all of that either, but hell, it can’t hurt. The necklace is so beautiful. I had wanted it anyway, and so I might as well put it on immediately. With my PJs and my unwashed hair. Now part of me is completely beautiful. Shit, soon, it is going to make me want to take a shower, so at least I match the necklace!

FURTHER UPDATE, even a day after this I spot a necklace laying on a shelf. (It catches my eye because I am OCD tidy and all my necklaces are hanging upstairs on a rack.) I realize it is the tiny Om necklace that Peggy gave me for Christmas. I had take it off one of her to put on the new one she had given me, and even more ironic that I decided NOT to put it on as I was in my PJs and hadn’t showered!

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