No Western Medicine!

10/8 This experience is going to turn me into a hippie. My doctor recommended a variety of herbal medicines, and a triple dose of follic acid. (I have been taking one pill a day for years, but you can take as much as three times that, so she said I should.) It is funny to finally be coming around to buying herbal medicines. One is a probiotic, to fix the antibiotic the doctor gave me. Some of my friends dropped off some so strong they need to be refrigerated. (I haven’t taken any pain meds since the first few days. I don’t think I need them, and also I am worried about the side effects. (Isn’t too much acetaminophen bad for your liver? Vicodin will stop me ever pooing again!)

I have to call my regular doc now (that I haven’t seen in years) as the gynecologist wants me to check in with her and see if she agrees with my assessment of the pain that feels like something the antibioitcs did.. I bet she is going to want me to come in (all the way to Redwood City). What a lot of work being sick is!!

Update to this, I called my regularly GP and she agrees that I probably have a reaction to the antibiotic and says that I don’t need to see her and to continue with the probiotic. She agrees that upping the follic acid is a good idea, so these are the only 2 things I continue to take. I love that doctor. I can HEAR the sympathy in her voice, which I tell her. I also tell her not to worry about me. She says she won’t and to call her again if I need anything. She said I haven’t seen her in years and years – since I was diagnosed with PKD and they did all the MRIs and scans. She says her hair is long again now (she cut it really, really short once).

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