Porking and lack of pork


10/15. At 2.45 my stomach was gurgling., All it had in it was the magic “green hell” juice Trevor made me this morning to help me “go” and a lot of stomach acid. Trevor offered to make me a sandwich. It wasn’t just any old sandwich. It was delicious: arugula, mustard, veggie sausage (from Elana and Jessica), avocado, Fromage d’Affinois (kind of a goat Camembert), onion, and tomato. So good! And (mostly) good for you (if you ignore the fattening angle, the dairy and the fake meat, LOL!)

Trevor’s shopping trip was full of good things for me – and bad things for him: frozen pizza, cheap breaded chicken, and ice cream. Maybe I need to get him on this health food kick too. If I took a little time off work, I could do more cooking.

ps – downstairs neighbours are at it AGAIN!! It is 3.20 in the afternoon!! The other day they were doing it at 7am! (Yes, I am not sleeping very well, but seriously – LUCKY FUCKING THEM!! Pardon the pun!) Trevor and I are arguing about what stage they are at, based on the noises,. It sounds like he is murdering an animal. I think they are near the end but Trevor doesn’t think so. He says he has “listened to them fucking more than you have had hot meals”!

Dana suggested that maybe the downstairs neighbor can help me get pregnant. “He seems well-qualified and very much interested in porking. Lots of porking. Lots of LOUD porking.” Can it be vegetarian porking? I really like pigs and never one to eat one (or fuck one!)

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