Do try and relax now, be a good girl!

Both the doctor and the acupuncturist have told me I am suffering with exhaustion.  I have been pregnant and have lost 3 babies in 18 months and I thought I would just be fine, but I have finally realized I AM exhausted.  So I am actually following instructions for once!  I am taking today off to read a book!  I didn’t go to a wedding I was supposed to attend yesterday – at least I bought a gift.  (I did still go and see Adam Ant because I already had the tickets and I adore him.  But I sat upstairs like a old person.  My first ever sitting down concert.  I won’t make a habit of it!)

I DIDN’T book tickets to a cheese festival with cheese races and CHEESE SWAG!  Things must be dire indeed!

I googled up a few natural cures for exhaustion and fatigue.  Looks like there are some more yummy juices in here 🙂 .

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