Take a load off

Maybe I am finally getting to the stage where I will have good days and bad days.  I think now I have got the message loud and clear, my body and my mind needs to rest. I’m actually a little surprised that none of the doctors actually mentioned that this might be a big deal and I should rest afterwards.  I went hiking…. A friend gave me an exercise DVD and I did that in the living room with ice packs stuffed down my sports bra.  What was I thinking?  [An update to this: Trevor said that ALL of the doctors told me to rest and that I just didn’t listen.  Hmm, embarrassing, but this might actually be true!]

I don’t have to be a vegetable.  I still work from home, but I am trying to limit my hours on the computer to the battery life only (twice a day).  I am not watching scary movies right before bed,  I am eating well and taking as-natural-as-possible supplements.

Maybe this exhaustion is caused from the stress of the surgery and running around like a mad thing and not resting?

Maybe it is a side effect of the antibiotics?

Maybe it is anemia brought on by iron definiency causes by blood loss?

Maybe it is lethargy caused by grief?

Maybe it is debilitating stress caused grief?

Whatever it is, for multiple days, I went without brushing my teeth or my hair.  I cried at the idea of having to take a shower and I could barely lift a soup spoon to my mouth.

Let me tell you, it sucked.  Today I think I am turning a corner (the first of many, in ever-decreasing circles?)  My friend, Belinda, came over and made me lunch.  She took me out to get our nails done and sit in a massage chair reading crappy magazines, and now I am ensconced back on the sofa.

I am trying to teach myself to leave my phone in the next room (thanks, Dana, for the tip) and read a book. On the bright side, I think I will learn through this to relax occasionally.  I’m sure Trevor would like that 🙂 .

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