Weekend Hangover

Wow – I can tell I am depressed because a sure sign for me is when I make food and eat it out of the saucepan.  I have only done it once before after a breakup.  I remember eating pasta and pesto in an in inflatable Darth Maul chair.  (It was my only furniture.)

There is no need to worry about me, although today’s posts are all blue.  I just tired myself out running around having fun this weekend.  It was good to slip back into denial and just have fun.  (And I DID have fun.  More on that later when I have sorted the photographs out!)  I am also hung-over today as I was stupid enough to drink alcohol, lie in the sun all day and not drink any water.  I am guzzling water today as I am probably dehydrated and don’t have any tolerance to alcohol anymore.

(A friend just gave me this tip: “evening primrose oil and milk thistle (from any health food store or whole foods) pretty much cure hang overs. they can even prevent them if you take them once you are done.”)

I am actually eating brown rice and a can of tomatoes, recommended to me by Dona Shine, who also sent me this article on how to get iron into your diet naturally (without having to eat meat).  I don’t have an iron skillet yet, but I will order one at some point.  This had fried garlic and flax seeds chucked in it too.

(This sounds nice too: roasted cauliflower.  Although I would use olives instead of raisins for the olive oil/rosemary bit.).  I love the idea of the chili flakes and red wine vinegar.  That receipt will have to wait until I can be bothered to cook anything.)

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