A case of the blues

Despite the title (I was trying to be cute), I wanted to end today with a happier note.


On his way to pick me up from the therapist he had recommended, my friend Hugh stopped and picked up the 3 pairs of jeans I had at the menders.  (I was having them patched as I am too tired to go shopping for new ones!)

I think it is funny that my idea of “dressing up” smart is to take off my PJs, or tracksuit bottoms, and put on a pair of jeans.  LOL.  I do it to go to work and I wanted to do it today to go to the therapist.  (I thought showing up in tracksuit bottoms would make me seem a little pathetic and like I wasn’t taking care of myself, but since I didn’t have any jeans, I went with the tracksuit bottoms!)

Lucky me, that I get to wear jeans all my life 🙂  And THANKS HUGH!

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