Oil and Vinegar

Election day today.  I already voted (using Trevor’s mail-in vote.  What?  Don’t judge.  I’m not a citizen yet and he doesn’t vote 😉 .)  It actually sickens me that this can even be considered close, but don’t get me started.  On a much more important note… PICKLED ONIONS!  A friend in England sent me my favourite brand (and a Worzel Gummage postcard.  How cool is that?)


I’ve been working really hard.  I know I am supposed to be resting, but it is good to feel useful again.  I am trying to consider whether to go hell for leather at Zynga, take one of the  offers I am getting elsewhere (more equity, great folks), or take a real break and just concentrate on looking after myself and getting pregnant again (hopefully).

I am starting to get annoyed with the “professionals” telling me I am exhausted.  Sometimes “laughter really is the best medicine” and “taking your mind off it” is just what the doctor ordered.  Is this denial?  Does it matter?

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