A little prick

I saw my acupuncturist yesterday.  I both like and respect him, but we had a disagreement yesterday.  He said it is too soon for me to try for another baby as he thinks I need to concentrate on making sure my own body and mind are healed first.   I told him that he was being as prescriptive as a Western doctor and we should be talking as a partnership, not him in a didactic role.  My thoughts right now are that if my body is really that weak, then it will deal with it itself and just not get pregnant.  He said he disagreed with that, and of course he is the doctor, so maybe he is right.  But we should be working together to achieve what I want, which is clearly a baby.  If my body wanted to deal with it by getting pregnant straight away, and that includes running from the mental pain of losing the last pregnancy, then LUCKY ME!  We would then have to work together to make sure I was able to keep and carry it.  Maybe THAT would be the excuse to finally stop working for a while.

Either way, I am not going back to IVF for a few months. I want to just see what happens.  And I don’t want people pushing me around and telling me what to do.  It’s my life and it’s my body.  I want support and guidance, not bullying.

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