Live Richly

I stopped at Whole Foods on my way home today to pick up a bunch of kombucha teas, and some other groceries.  I treated myself to some flowers and as usual, I accidentally bought more heavy things than I could comfortably carry.  As I was struggling home, I decided to stop emailing on my iphone and put some music on.  I fished out my sunglasses and walked the rest of the way singing outloud.  It occurred to me I was happy.  Really happy.

Maybe it is the sharp contrast of the recent lows that made me feel so high, walking home in the sunshine.  But life is actually looking up.  Work is going really well.  I am way too busy, but I have always responded well to that.  I LOVE my new boss.  Maybe there is some sort of karma in the world and it’s my turn to get some sugar 🙂 .

My friend Mags has really amazing taste.  She spends a small fortune on her handbags.  I asked her why once, and she told me it was important to live richly.  She said living richly can make you feel rich, even if you aren’t.  I think I might finally be understanding that.  (And I bought a new purse this week 🙂 .)

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