Listening and Hearing

Yesterday I was invited to a classical performance at San Francisco’s exclusive Bohemian Club.  It is rather like an English “Gentlemen’s Club”.  (That is the term used by those that get accepted.  More frequently known as “old boys’ clubs” – although many in England now allow women.)

The concert itself was great.  The strings section was my favourite.

Just one more thing in the ever-growing litany of things I had forgotten I like, but I like classical music.  How could I have both forgotten and denied this?  What happens that you no longer accept something that makes you peaceful?

Listening to the recital yesterday reminded me of the long picnics we used to attend at Blenheim Palace, all dressed up, with our “posh” picnic hampers, champagnes, pâtés, and crystal glasses.  Not too far in that distant past I had been a pretentious English student and thought the whole thing was very Brideshead Revisted.

But yes, it turns out that I still love classical music.  I am listening to an Elgar concerto right now.  For the first time since I moved to America.  I need more music in my life, and not just House.  (Although I will never stop loving that.)  Maybe I should even drag my saxophone over here, next time I take a trip home!

Watching Chris play, I thought of an idea I would like to bring to fruition.  It would be so incredible to have a full orchestra play at Burning Man at night, with an accompanying laser show.  I need to start researching this. People wouldn’t want to bring their proper instruments as the environment is so harsh, but maybe we can just replace them with cheaper versions.  The sound wouldn’t be as perfect, but it should be just fine for a bunch of people tripping in the desert! 🙂  Now, who do I know that can help me with the laser show part…?

Oh, and the “listening and hearing” title was because of an argument I got into with Chris about the exclusivity of the club and the mobile phone restriction.  I ended up conceding.  I should walk around with a pad and pencil and write thoughts down, rather than using my cell and getting distracted.  OK, Chris, I heard you.  You were right.

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