Hostess with the mostest?

Damn you internets for letting me know this morning that Hostess is going bankrupt and laying off their staff.  THANK YOU internets for letting me know that Hostess is going backrupt and soon Twinkies will no longer be available!

Ever since Frenchie mentioned them in “Grease” back in the seventies, Twinkies have held an allure for me as something very foreign.  Very “American”.  I have never actually eaten a twinkie.  (Why would I?  They look disgusting!)  However, with the news that their days may be numbered (and they are becoming collectors’ items on ebay!), I immediately decide that they have always been on my bucket list and rush to my corner store to get one.  It turns out they stock plenty of Hostess “food products”.  (Don’t worry Paula and Miranda, I got enough for you!) Now, where did I put that medicinal pot?


Okay, that wasn’t the MOST disgusting thing I have ever eaten.  But it wasn’t as good as last night’s dinner.

One update, because I am still laughing my arse off at the idea that Twinkies are selling on Ebay.  Here is the classic scene from Zombieland.
And even later update, due to the hilarity of social media sites, I am now sending twinkies to Austria, and Snowballs to friends in Denmark!  (I also made myself an green juice and had lentil salad for lunch, to counteract the negative effects of eating the chemical crap 😉 .)

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