Lucid Dreaming

Trevor asked me when we could take down the dreamcatcher.  It had actually been a few weeks since I had had a nightmare, but last night I dreamt the zombies were coming and I was trying to run away from them.  Trevor drove by me on a scooter, shouting at me to get on.  I couldn’t run fast enough.  He was shouting at me to run faster and swearing at me to get on.  He made another pass but this time on the wrong side.  (I am actually one-sided when I get on MY bike, and on the back on his.  He has to dip it for me.  Is that even normal?)  Anyway, thankfully I woke up before the zombies got me and we could have a good laugh about the dream.  I told him the dreamcatcher is staying – at least for now.

Anyway, as synchronicity would have it, this was the only booking lying on the table when I went to acupuncture that day.  Freud didn’t have anything to say about zombies and husbands on scooters!

Can it really be true that some people dream in black and white?  And why would that even be?  I know I definitely dream in colour because the only other dream I had that night was about my blue nail varnish.  I was so confused and stressed when I saw it on my fingernails because I remembered taking it off.  (It was old and looking tacky.    I needed it off before I went to an important meeting.)  How the hell was it back there?  And that is when I realized I was dreaming 🙂 .

I LOVE lucid dreaming.  My favourites are out-of-body experiences when I wake up in the night and I am flying.  I do swimming  breast stroke along the ceiling, above people’s heads and they don’t see me.  I also love it when I “wake” dreaming in the night and I can swim downstairs and check out the house.  (Of course it is all dark and nobody is there, but it is still fun!)  It’s been a while since I have had one of those.  Actually, I haven’t remembered my dreams in a while until this weekend.

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