Retreating from the holidays

I used to say “retreats” were code for “stupid hippie bullshit”.  But now I have drunk the Kool-Aid.  (Sorry I mean the freshly-squeezed organic-agave-sweetened lemonade!)

People have recommending retreats for months, if not years, but I was reticent until a friend told me about a single-day yoga one in Sonoma.  It seemed like low commitment, and therefore low-risk, so thought I would try it.  It was life-changing!

Who knew that retreats were generally a group of like-minded women, all with their own stories to tell, heart-break to share, eating delicious home-grown food and working out to improve their mind, bodies, and spirits?  I CANNOT WAIT to do another one.  Thank you, so much Amy, for adding this to my life!

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