Hell for leather

My therapist complimented me on my new handbag.  I thanked her but said I had a twinge of guilt about it.  A few days earlier at a party, I had heard people in the hallway talking about it.  The girls had been complimenting it and wondering whose it was, and one of the guys said “that looks like it just fell off a baby cow!”

It actually shocked me.  Someone told me most leather goods are a by-product of the meat industry.  But then I thought about it further, well… if the farmer is selling his cow for meat + leather, he is getting a better price for it. If he could sell it only for the price of the meat, the price of meat would go up and less people would eat meat….  I told this to Sarah half-jokingly on the way out of the door.  She replied, “You are now trying to save all of the cows in the world.  Write it on your list.  Right after: 9am. Get up. Save World.” 🙂  She cracks me up.

[Total aside as I know the photo is a weird one.  That was taken from the back of a moving bike as we rode down the backside of the Stelvio trail in Italy.  It was the only picture I could think of that I had ever taken of a cow.  That was an amazing motorcycle trip.]

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