Old School

I am trying something new right now.  I am leaving my iPhone in my purse and carrying a pad and pencil in my back pocket.


As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is likely to be less distracting when I simply want to jot down an idea.  We’ll see how it works out.

Not that it concerns me (perhaps as much as it should), but this has the added benefits of not keeping a electromagnetic device right next to my body.  There are a number of studies coming out right now suggesting that mobile phone usage is bad for us.  I didn’t look up all the references, but here is just one.  (Jury is out on whether this is really true, but warning bells are definitively starting to toll.)

Most studies seem to concentrate on how carrying a phone in your front pocket can severely lower a man’s testosterone and fertility. There are so many reputable studies on this now that there is a movement to try and enforce new mobile phone boxes to carry a warning label, just like cigarettes.  (Remember when people campaigned that cigarettes were NOT harmful?)  The spin doctors are in full effect.  It reminds me of the movie “Thank You for Smoking”.  Just recently, mobile phone companies won the right to NOT carry the warning, but instead committed to advertising campaigns that make it seem “cooler” to carry your phone in your back pocket.

The naysayers also list one other common “mistake” for people trying to become pregnant…?  Sitting with your laptop on your lap (like I am doing right now!)

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