Getting into the Christmas spirit

As I knew there would be, there have been good days and bad days.  Today was one of the good days.

Last night I went to a friend’s Christmas party.  If there was a way to “win” Christmas, I think I walked away with the motherlode.  A lot more unnecessary dancing Christmas crap, to warm the cockles of my heart (and put the fear of dread into Trevor.)  

I switched gears to yoga, and on my way back stopped for dinner fixings.  Steak for Trevor, potatoes to mash, chives, mushrooms, tomatoes, pomegranate, fresh black-eyed peas and red wine.  My topbox was full of bars of soap, kombuccha teas, milk, and other necessities, so almost everything else got stuffed in my yoga bag (except the stargazer lilies that were thrust down my jacket).  Packing up and getting on the bike made some guy laugh and he asked if he could take my photo.  I asked him to return the favour 🙂 .

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