Relaxation and Cathartic Agression

As so often when I’m busy, these posts are coming out of order….  I’ve had a few business trips bump into each other, burned the candle at both ends working 12+ hour days and then played even harder (so hard, in fact, that I broke my big toe again and ended up with a cold that left me hoarse!)  Friday, I left work early to enjoy some “me time”.  I booked myself a back-to-back acupuncture appointment and a massage (both with the same therapist).

The massage was mind-blowing.  Not only does my acupuncturist have magic hands, but he is also hilarious.  At one point he was using an unusual technique on my upper chest.  I said “I have never had anyone do that before”.  His dry and immediate reply was: “What?  You have never had your acupuncturist fondle your breasts before.  How strange.”  I laughed (at least inwardly) for a good hour about that 🙂 .

Immediately afterwards, I delivered some purses to a colleague at work, coincidentally received an amazingly-thoughtful gift in return, and went shooting with my friend Paul.

I have never been to an indoor range before.  I wasn’t all that sure I would enjoy it, but I will try anything once.  It was AMAZING!

We shot the shit out of some zombies.  They definitely won’t mess with us again.  There was some hilarity whilst I was working out how to hold the guns.  (Paul is left-handed and inadvertently showed me completely the wrong grip.  When we figured it out, he said I was a natural (and I can’t resist bragging about it!)).  I started with boobs (the bigger target), but finished with waist and privates.  He concentrated on the head shots.  Braaaiiiiiiiins!! 🙂 .  Haven’t had such a transcendent day in ages.

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