On the subject of god

I love how blogging has become such a 2-way street.  Writing about poetry provoked poetry.  Writing about letters provoked letters!

Today I received one from someone who gave me permission to post the letter, but asked to remain anonymous.  It was called “on the subject of god”.

Here it is:

Is it possible that the god I don’t believe in and disavow, still believes in me?

Another friend emailed me today so say he is “truly agnostic” not atheist.  And sometimes “life gives you what you needs”. He also told me that perhaps I didn’t need to be “selfish”.  I will quote him here.  “Everyone seems to be telling you to be selfish and I think I know what they mean. But it’s also very clear that you get a lot of energy and satisfaction from fulfilling others. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of, you are an enabler and its amazing. Don’t let others suddenly cast you to be simply pleasing yourself, or you may find yourself less happy in the end.”

And for today, that is The End of blogging.

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