British English

I talked to some friends as I was backward moon-walking around the carpark at the back of my parents’ house with church architectural plans stuffed down my jumper!  Chris (aka “plane guy”) called me a  “Technospazz Nerdhead” 🙂 .

He said those were my words and he just put them together.  Maybe he is right, but HE put them together for me, squaring their effectiveness.  He gives me book titles for the books I am not going to write.  That is one of them.  The other is “Time Does Not Exist”.   He told me to “keep my knickers on”.  It made me belly-laugh.  So English.  Haven’t heard that in a while.  “Don’t get your knickers in a twist.”  I realized as I was talking to him that I was talking back in British English.  I said “nob”.  “Nob” led to “nobhead”, which led to “bellend”.  Why are English insults so funny?

I told him my dad said I liked being told what to do right now.  He is right.  Chris joked that if he was trying to get me to go to sleep he said he would say “There, there, nobhead.  Go to sleep.”

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