Thanks for all the fish!

Getting started early on my Thanksgiving Thanks:

With this year, with this month – hell, with this week (!) – it sometimes seems like there isn’t a lot to be thankful for.  But of course, in reality, there is everything to be thankful for.  I live a blessed, blessed life and I thank the universe for it every day.

Thank you so my wonderful family.  To my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law Kim, my cousins, my aunt.  Thank you to my chosen family of friends.  You all know who you are, and I couldn’t live without you.  Thank you to Paul’s family, with whom we will be sharing Thanksgiving.  And thank you to my Paul.  I love  you.  And OF COURSE, thank you most of all for Evie, and to Evie.  If life isn’t whole, it is at least wholesome.  And that is pretty perfect.

IMG_4904.JPG   img_4970

Facebook memories reminded me that this day pictured below was exactly 2 years ago.  Evie wasn’t even a blink in our eyes. I had just ran my first ever 5 miles and I had quit drinking.  The quitting drinking didn’t stick (at least not that time), but on Thanksgiving Day – in a romantic Best Western in Coalinga, something else stuck.  The rest (as they say) is history :).


I cannot believe how life has changed since that day.  I think I am happy and healthier now.  (I’m 30 lbs lighter now, but Evie probably weighs much more than that, so I guess my net weight in the universe is about the same LOL!  I somewhat regularly run 5 miles (although I still hate it! 🙂 .)

I am grateful for so much and I am trying my best to recognize it and give back just a bit more than I take.  I am grateful for my health (although I am sick as a dog right now!)  I am lucky enough to work from home today, but I’m blogging instead of working right now (sorry Justin!)  Thank you to Justin, my boss, who I adore, and to my dear, cherished closest colleague Greg.  I am sitting at home working, drinking lemsip, and wearing a scarf. (Thank you, Mum, for bringing the lemsip – that magical English remedy.  And thank you to Evie’s nanny Frances for giving me the vapor rub, which I put in a boiling water with a towel over my head!)


And mostly?  Mostly I am grateful for PIE!! 🙂



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