Bring It!

I wanted to share a couple of great articles that others gifted me recently.  This one was from Mary, who is really in the thick of the shit right now:

And this one, on how to be a good listener:

I took that last one really to heart.  I think I have a tendency to try and look on the bright side a bit too much.  But when I was really, really in the middle of it, all I wanted to do was wallow.

I still don’t believe “everything happens for a reason”- but, who knows?  I didn’t use to believe “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, but I might be coming around on that one 😉

I do like the parable that grief is like a stone you carry around.  It never goes away, but eventually you stop noticing the weight  – or you just get strong enough to carry it.


My life is pretty good right now.  I have a great job, a great boyfriend, and a magical, magical daughter.

But life?  You know, life still sometimes has a way of kicking you in the goolies, especially when you are already down.  I love the universe, and try and thank it every day for all my gifts – but sometimes, sometimes I really just want to say “Really? Really life – you want to do this right now?  Ok then, bring it!”

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