It is all in the attitude (altitude?)

I missed my flight but I called from the gridlocked car and managed to rebook something only 2 hours later (to LA, with a 5-hr layover, but at least I will make it home tonight!)

This flight is delayed too, lol, but I have bought Boots #7 serum (3 for 2) in, another prezzie for Evie, and some Marmite. And now I’m in the lounge, dipping cheese & Branson sandwiches in my potato/truffle soup. My vegetarian meal request won’t carry over to this plane, so I’m stuffing saffron/cheese pasta in the lounge. And unlimited sparking water with bitters 🙂

And my dad got me here without crashing, which is more than most of the other cars did. I wish he and Mum were here to share the Christmas cake I’m current noshing into!

I am decided to look on the bright side. I’m so grateful for my family. Even 24 hours with them. Thank you!

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