All drugs, all legal, no fun!


Until recently, I haven’t been to the doctor’s in years. I didn’t even get a dentist until I fell pregnant this time. I have never had a gynecologist. I am never sick. I don’t get a flu shot and I haven’t taken antibiotics since I moved to America, I don’t take tablets for a headache – but now suddenly, I have a shelf full. The divider between tradition and new medicine starts about in the middle – although they were all recommended by my regular doctor/nurse. I am currently only taking the probiotic and the follic acid, with chamomile tea. I ordered the magnolia extract online, and I think I might start that tonight. That is supposed to be good for relaxing too.

On the right you have Ambien, Vicodin, Valium, Tylenol (plus a triple dose of acetaminophen), not to mention the antibiotic. After the first couple of days, I stopped taking all of these. After a regular check up and ultasound, the doc says that the uterus is starting to look better and I can stop taking the antibiotics. THANK GOD!

I took follic acid and the fish oil when I was pregnant. Hopefully I will get pregnant again and take both. Right now, the doctor told me to take a triple dose of follic acid, to try and get my body ready to get pregnant again. (4th time lucky?)

Doc also recommended the sage tea and cabbages to stop the milk coming in, as well as the probiotics, the magnolia extract and acupuncture. I got the sage tea online and we did the cabbage leaves too. It all seemed so ridiculous to me that I joked I should sleep with a rabbit’s foot under my pillow, just for luck.

When the ultrasound showed I was having complications, it is a shame I chose to ignore all of the over-the-counter NATURAL stuff! (I actually ignored anything I had to leave the house for, it was just a coincidence that the “medical” drugs she handed out in the clinic and Trevor picked up the others for me at the chemist.) Maybe if I had bothered to find out what probiotics were, and taken them as she directed, I would be fine now. Oh well, I have them now. (Mags brought me round some so strong they have to stay in the fridge. That reminds me, I should take one now!)

If I manage to get pregnant again, I will take the fish oil again

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