Good eats

I must be feeling better. I managed to steam the lasagne that Tiffany brought over and top with grated Parmesan and I roasted the last of the pine nuts. I served it with butternut squash sauce, but the sauce was a little sweet. (Trevor had warned me he thought it would be, and he was right.)

I opened the first of Brian’s salas, a nice hot one. it was delicious.

As part of taking care of myself, I need to cook better things. The doctor thinks I have chronic heartburn and indigestion from the antibiotics – so it probably wasn’t a good idea to have a curry on Tuesday “as hot as you can make it” and a couple of swigs of Kona’s whiskey! For a couple of weeks, I am going to have to eat bland foods. And I know people keep banging on about the evils of dairy, but there is NO WAY I am cutting down on cheese 🙂 .

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