The written word

These are a few of the books I have bought for myself or been given over the past few weeks.

The ones on grief and loss of a pregnancy, I find too painful to read. Not surprisingly, I am not drawn to finish these books.  I don’t want to slip back into denying anything happened to me, but at a certain point I also feel like you can just wallow in grief – and I don’t ever want to be that person.  (And believe me, I still feel plenty to cry about, when a glowing heavily-pregnant woman stood in front of me yesterday at Whole Foods, for example.  I had to turn away so she wouldn’t see me tear up.  How is is possible to be so happy for someone and not be able to just shut off the emotion that I wish that were mine too?)

The only one of these books I have actually finished so far is zombie-fiction one: The Twelve.  (Dana was reading it at the same time, which actually really helped me make time to sit and read.  That way, we could compare where we are in the book.  It triggered all my “work impulses” of not wanting to disappoint someone, and of competition, and the social aspect of discussing the book.)  For anyone out there interested in the genre, I recommend it.

I am a big fan of zombie, apocalypse, or vampire-related materials, especially when they concentrate on how humanity reacts.  Here are a few I like:

The Passage (the first in the series, to which The Twelve is the latest book)

Walking Dead TV Series (series one and two stream free on Netflix)

UK’s Survivors TV show (apocalyptic not about zombies, but reminiscent of the Walking Dead)

30 days of night (movie)

Let the right one in (quite probably the best vampire movie of all time)

[Rec] (the Spanish original, not the US remake)

Shaun of the dead (movie, too funny not to mention!)

28 days later (movie, if only to see London so deserted)

World War Z (book, a history of the Zombie world war.  I hear they are FINALLY making a movie of it. I read the script back in 2007 when we were thinking of licensing it.  I can’t believe it is finally getting made.  The trailer looks cool!)

The Zombie Survival guide (book. every home should have one 😉 )

From Dusk Til Dawn (movie, who can resist Tarantino?)

Let me know if I missed anything I should watch/read 🙂 .

3 thoughts on “The written word

  1. Oh, and Dies the Fire is a pretty interesting post-apocalypse book, though the series goes rapidly downhill after it. I think Andy and I read WalTar’s copy.

    • I liked the first few of that series. I thought a lot about it. Could I shoot the “few” innocent people trying to break into my compound, to protect the many? I think I liked the first 3 books.

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